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 Performance Optimization - Launching Live Test for MX Web from Workbench

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Mike Warren posted 05-29-2024 13:38

I created a support ticket for this as well and have read knowledge base article 00001990, but I'm casting a wide net in hopes that someone can help.

We're migrating from LegaSuite GUI  8.5.4 to MX Web 10.4.3  and are struggling with the "hit" to our development time that's being caused by the performance of Live Tests for MX Web from the Workbench. Launching a live test takes 2 - 3 minutes on our local machines. 

Our Live Tests refresh automatically for page changes, which is great. However, screen and script changes don't take effect until the session is restarted. Working in a large complex application, especially during a migration, requires a lot of back-and-forth when working with scripts. At 2 - 3 minutes per launch, the performance penalty adds up very quickly. Do you have any tips for optimizing the performance of Live Test launches?

I'll attach a screenshot showing hardware/software summary info for my system.

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PARTNER Leon Brown

My main project is about the same launch time.  However customer modification projects launch much quicker.  I feel the threshold is under 2000 pictures in the album.

Use a TEMP project for your current target of displays that you are working on.  That will launch much quicker.  Use a control file to get the engine to load the main project.
Panel changes are the only thing you can modify for the Development launch... so screen mapping changes require a new launch but... for scripting add a temporary button and put the code into its script property ( NOT OIS LINK ).  Then you will be able to adjust the script and continue testing it in that same launch.

Later you can import the TEMP project contents into your main project.

Example control file contents with commented commandline for the launch...

; /cc /GUpd=1 /GUpdS="" "C:\Workspace\v63\TEMP.lwc"

UPDATE=MAIN.lwr, C:\Workspace\v63\MAIN\bin\MAIN.lwr