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 Purchase of licenses for Accuterm

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Chris Baxter posted 11-14-2023 18:32

Hi, thanks to all your help, my customer wishes to proceed and purchase some licenses for Accuterm 8 - great, 

but I am not getting any response from Rocket at all !

Last time was an email from Stephen Fowler in June - my trial has now run out.

Can anyone help please and point me in the correct direction  

Kind regards

Chris Baxter

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Hi Chris.

Please reach out to Stephen via email, I have made him aware of your request.  

Best Regards

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PARTNER Richard Olds

Hi Chris

I have had a similar issue.  If you do get a price, fingers crossed that you do, would you share it please?  We are also waiting to use Accuterm 8 but we have no end use pricing or dealer pricing!!

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Chris Baxter

Hi all,

I have now heard from Stephen Fowler and it looks like the customer needs to sign up as a "Direct end User" with Rocket and they will then be able to purchase Accuterm products as and when needed.    Still don't have an idea of price though