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 References to Documentation to upgrade to Most recent version of Aldon from Aldon release 7.7.

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Amit Sharma posted 12-28-2022 12:09

Currently we are on V7R2 and Aldon version 7.7 , in some time we plan to upgrade to V7R4 and most recent Aldon Version.
Going through documentation I understand we need to do Aldon  upgrade in steps,  first we move to Aldon 8.3A and then to recent Aldon release. May you please suggest all the documentation ( there link ) that I should review for upgrade from 7.7 to 8.3A & then from 8.3A to most recent version, 

Thanks for your help with the request.
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Hi Amit, 
The general info below was included in our reply to your case 846315 that was opened in support for the same question.  I think the update was sent to both Mike Schutte and yourself.
Including here below for the benefit of others with questions on LMi/RDOi upgrade planning (e.g. to take advantage of new features like deployment updates with Change File While Active).
Nick Miller added a comment - 2022-12-28 09:13 AM

Hi Michael

Thank you for your update. I will include many topics below related to your upgrade.


All of our compatibility charts can be found via Rocket Community > Documentation > Choose product Aldon > Search "Compatibility" with quotes > Open Aldon Rocket Lifecycle Manager IBMi OS Release Compatibility Reference Guide. Please ensure your current OS version is compatible with the latest version of LMi.

Upgrade Materials:

All upgrade software/documentation is available via Rocket Community > Downloads > Aldon Lifecycle Manager IBM i Edition. We recommend for you to review this information in full prior to beginning your upgrade. 

Also, you will want to run the LMIVALCST command well in advance of your upgrade since troubleshooting with R&D may be required to resolve, preferably during business hours.

Version Changes:

For information on version changes, please refer to Rocket Community > Documentation > Choose product Aldon > Search "Release notes" with quotes. From here, you can review the Release Notes for the current version or other versions previously available.

Permanent License Keys:

Permanent license keys are based on a combination of software version, hardware serial number, and hardware model number. If at any time this information changes, new permanent license validation codes will be needed.

Permanent license key requests should be submitted via the following link: > click on the Request A Key link > click on Rocket DevOps Validation Codes and complete the form

A new case will then be populated in our system to process. Approval from your Account Executive team may be required prior to providing new permanent licenses which could take at least 24-48 hours.

Information needed for the license request form can be confirmed on your LMi host system by performing the following steps:

1. Sign on to the LMi Host


3. ALDINSTALL <enter>

4. Option 5 against LMi to display installation data

5. Position cursor to message on bottom of screen and Page Down through the messages to determine current licenses for all feature codes.


Temporary License Keys:

If you need your license keys sooner, please self-generate temporary 30-day keys from the following link:

Open Rocket Community and login > click on License Keys tab > click on License Key Generator and complete the form.



You might also consider doing some housekeeping in conjunction with your company retention policies.  If you are interested, please review our housekeeping knowledge base article which is also available via Rocket Community > Knowledge Base > key in the search term 000008763.


After Hours Support:

If you are planning to complete the upgrade outside of standard support hours (M-F, 8 AM-5 PM) for your region, we offer at no cost severity 1 after hours support. You can fill out and attach to this case the request form from Rocket Community located at:

Open Rocket Community > click Knowledge Base > key in the search term 000016639 > open How To Request Severity 1 After Hours Support


Customer Solutions:

Technical Support is available for troubleshooting issues with your Rocket DevOps software or provide question/answer sessions regarding current product documentation. Should you prefer a more hands on approach from Rocket for your upcoming upgrade, our Customer Solutions team can perform and/or guide you through the process. Please let me know if you are interested in receiving a quote for services.


Please review this information and let us know if you have any further questions we can assist with.


Kind regards,

Nick Miller

Rocket DevOps Technical Support