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 Replication Monitor Phantom Controls

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Brian Paige posted 09-19-2022 12:39


We use the replication monitoring phantoms - MONITOR.REPLOG and MONITOR.REPSTATUS.  While we can start/stop/update them manually, we used to have a VB-based application to do so - provided to us by Rocket.  Unfortunately, we've lost that software.  If it's readily available for download on the Rocket site, we have not been able to find it there.

Where can I find the VB software for controlling the replication monitoring phantoms?

Thanks in advance!
Brian Paige

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ROCKETEER Jonathan Smith Best Answer

They are distributed with the install images of UniVerse and UniData. However if you want the most recent versions login to the Rocket Community Portal, access the knowledge base and look for the article 'U2 Replication Exception Script and Monitoring Phantoms'

If you are logged into the Portal the following link will work