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Nelson Schroth posted 09-15-2022 17:03
We have dozens of SOAP web services in production that were built using Web Services Developer Tool v4.23.0 (2017).  We now need to build RESTful web services and find the equivalent tool is RESTful Web Services Developer v4.63.0 (2017).

These both seem to have been abandoned by Rocket in favor of MVIS.  The  MVIS data sheet says it requires UV 11.3.3 and we are currently running UV 11.3.1.  As we are going into a busy time of year, we cannot consider a UV upgrade until early 2023 at best.  However, we need to create. test and publish REST services in the next few months. 

Does anyone have any advice?
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ROCKETEER Stuart MacKenzie
Hi Nelson,
I'm not sure why the data sheet says UV 11.3.3. The RBC Product Availability Matrix states UV 11.3 and the MVIS 1.3.1 documentation minimum requirements states UV 11.3.1.
I would say you are good to go.
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Steve Murray-Wolf

Stuart is correct.  MVIS 1.3.1 works fine with uv 11.3.1.  I'm currently developing REST services on that exact configuration.  Go ahead and install MVIS and have at it.
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Nelson Schroth
Thanks to Rocket Support (Stuart & Brian), I was able to install MVIS v1.3.1 successfully.  Unfortunately, the docs are terrible -  providing incorrect URLs and vague instructions.)  But, finally got there.
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ROCKETEER Hernando Borda

Thank you for your feedback, Nelson. I’m glad our support engineers were able to quickly assist you with installing MVIS. We're happy you made the decision to adopt MVIS and I’m confident that the features and improvements we’re investing in will make the experience of creating and hosting RESTful APIs for MV applications with MVIS more valuable to you and all our clients.

I want to offer a point of clarity with regards to versions of UniVerse supported by MVIS. As stated in the MVIS 1.3.1 datasheet, the certified minimum version of UV is 11.3.3. Our policy is that we certify with the last two GA versions of the MultiValue data servers. However, both Stuart and Steve are correct that MVIS 1.3.1 works with UV 11.3.1. The previous release, MVIS 1.3.0, was certified with UV 11.3.1 and there aren’t any changes in UV 11.3.3 or MVIS 1.3.1 that break compatibility.

When a customer uses MVIS with a version that is earlier from the minimum certified, we’ll make our best effort to support and address defects. However, there may be instances in which an upgrade will be required.

Thanks to customers like you, willing to share your feedback, we can continually improve the product. We’re working on making the installation simpler and more robust. For example, by bundling both Java and Python to reduce or eliminate dependencies. Likewise, we’ll consider your feedback to improve the documentation. A recent change to how we publish documentation online makes it possible for us to make frequent updates to respond to customer feedback faster.

Thank you again for working through this with us, and I’m looking forward to learning more about your use of MVIS and the benefits you’re realizing. We’re always here to help too!

Kind regards,
Hernando Borda, MV Tools Product Manager