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 THE Pick0 file (to be or NOT to be)

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PARTNER Stefano Gallotta posted 05-24-2024 04:17

Hi All

I've been baffled by this, but I will regard the instance as possible serendipity!

By chance (and a good measure of trust) I copied the original load of D3 of the Pick0 file into my home directory (in Linux)

This Pick0 would only have 16 ports etc

I then proceed to amend the number of ports to a greater number. The manual for 10.3 states to reload D3 - which I did :)

I now discover that starting D3 from my home directory takes THAT entry (of Pick0) rather than the true entry in /usr/lib/pick!!!!

I guess this "could be great" in a development environment when you wish to have a minimum number of pibs, but it is rather confusing when it doesn't take what you amended in as the /usr/lib/pick/pick0 entry.

So, tip - launch D3 from /usr/lib/pick

Rocket - please be aware of this - unless otherwise.

Also, can anyone give me a reason why Linux kills D3 processes? Especially when I do a backup/restore or even a re-index. Is it swap space? memory?



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It is common knowledge (or most D3 Linux people know)  that D3 will use the pick0 file in their current directory if it exists. Not sure what's killing your D3 processes. Had an issue with systemd / nailed telnet and killing processes, but sounds different from that. It's case time for that one.

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PARTNER Stefano Gallotta

Thanks for your reply @Brian Cram, This is something I did not know, but I am always happy to be advised. I trust that by this forum many more will appreciate the in-depth knowledge one can gain by subscription.

With regards to the "Linux Kills!" :  The Linux systems engineer had not given Linux enough memory to maintain the D3 machine, hence the error. My thoughts were similar to that plumber who has to balance the hot and cold flow (bad analogy).