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 UniBasic SQL BCI

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Grant Boice posted 08-31-2023 14:32

Hello Gang!

I'm a newbie with this concept of UniBasic SQL BCI and would like to see if I can find additional resources/examples to help me get "over the proverbial edge".

I have read all the the manuals that have material in this subject, but I'm still not comfortable in how to work with is.     My goal here is this...   I would like to use the UniBasic SQL BCI functions/subroutines to retrieve data from a third-party database.   An example of this is to verify a zip code or a geo-code.  

I've been programming with UniBasic for many years, but this is the first time that I need to used the UniBasic SQL BCI functions.

So, what I'm asking for, if someone could "point me in the right direction" for additional information or examples, that will be very meaningful to me.   Like I stated earlier in my post, I have read the material in the various Rocket documents, but still not quite comfortable in what I need to do.

Any feedback will be welcomed and definitely appreciated!    Thank you for you time and consideration.

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ROCKETEER Jonathan Smith


I've attached the BCI.DEMO routine for you to take a look at, which should help you to understand in how to put the program together.

There are also over 20 knowledge base articles covering BCI in our knowledge base, which you can access from the community portal once you are logged into, you do need a support contract or permission from your support provider to access the portal.

@Paul Chang also has an excellent YouTube channel covering lots of subjects around our client connectivity and is well worth a look.


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U2 UniBasic SQL BCI solution is connecting to other third-party databases via the third-party ODBC driver. For example, you want to retrieve data from SQL Server on Linux. It requires the ODBC driver for SQL Server on Linux. I have many YouTube videos to explain about how to install the driver and set up the environment. We also have one default CONNECT command to verify your BCI environment.  

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Grant Boice

To Jonathan and Paul,

First of all, I wish to apologize for my delayed response in thanking both of you for your help.   

The info that you shared with me has been very helpful and it got me closer to my goal that I'm trying to acheive.

I appreciate what you have done to help me.

-- Grant