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Kevin Hond posted 12-11-2023 09:16

It seems that whenever I reboot my Windows PC, the Unidata database 8.2 and the Unidata 8.2 Telnet services are both 'disabled'.

I use CCleaner and McAfee anti virus. Could it be that one of these is doing it. Or perhaps something else. Anyone got a clue on this one?

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John Jenkins


Check the Windows Services applet and make sure that services are set to start and have not become disabled. I would not expect CCCleaner to have any effect but if McAfee was locking things down for some sort of start-up scan on a  reboot it might explain it. A few tests

  • Using the Windows Services applet:
    •  stop UniData
    • use  Task Manager to verify that ALL the UniData services have stopped
    • start UniData
    • Do all the services come up normally?

If the all start it does point at a start-up issue. Try temporarily disabling McAfee and see if it makes a difference.



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I have the same issue. I did a clean install (removed old version and installed new version) but the two services won't start. The log shows that the license is expired. It's a download from last week. The Uni RPC Service is loading fine. The Windows Services applet shows that both services are enabled for startup.