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 uopy and security

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David Rubie posted 06-20-2022 00:05
Hey everyone, complete noob here who has been tasked with implementing some stuff with uopy.

We have been reviewing the security of our proposed setup and have a few questions around uopy, the Unix user and the UniVerse user that we can't find any definitive answers for, so I'm hoping somebody in the community can lead us to the right bit of documentation for these:

1. It seems that uopy has the capability to run SH commands (limited by the VOC?).  Is there a way to completely disable SH?  My limited understanding is that the VOC can be written to by the UniVerse user so can they re-enable access to SH by themselves?
2. The uopy library seems to require a Unix user to operate.  If we disable the shell in /etc/passwd (or point their shell entry to /bin/false or something), would that have the effect of also disabling SH access via UniVerse?
3. If we have to have a Unix user for our uopy to operate, can be make ownership of all their files read-only so they can't be modified?  

Basically we're trying to make sure that in the unlikely event somebody discovered the Unix credentials being used to get to a UniVerse host, that the damage they could do was limited i.e. completely disable any interactive shell access, disable SH from the uv interface and limit their UniVerse access to only those files in their VOC and make that impossible to change with the compromised credentials.

cheers for any help or guidance on this matter.