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Robert Bessell posted 05-16-2023 21:15

Hi guys

I'm an end user so be gentle :)

My workplace has passport PC to Hot V

I want to automate as much as I can with macros

My understanding is that it using VBScript, but from what I can see it doesn't use all of the command that are available in VBscript

So is there a resource somewhere where I can see every command that is supported?

Also will Passport ever go over to using Python to record and edit Macros?

Thank-you for your patience.

Rob Bessell

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ROCKETEER Harald Braeunlich

Hi Rob,

in the user guide for Passport PC-to-Host there is a list of VBscript commands that we support (starting at page 89):
Passport PC-to-Host User Guide V21.1 (

There is no plan to support Python for Passport PC-to-Host. The product is still under full support, but new features will be only available in our recent products Rocket Terminal Emulator Web and Desktop Edition. If you are interested in upgrading from Passport PC-to-Host to Rocket Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition) please let me know.

Harald Braeunlich
Rocket Terminal Emulator Product Manager

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Hello Robert,

PASSPORT Macro engine for .zmc files is written on top of VBScript engine, so it is a superset of VBScript language. Could you please detail which commands in VBScript are not supported in PASSPORT? In addition, Rocket TE Desktop, our main terminal emulation product, supports to edit or run .zmc scripts directly, without PASSPORT installed. Moreover, RTE Desktop's script host can run any other script languages, including Python, that support Windows Script Host interfaces.