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 VT Terminal keyboard mapping, Send Keys inconsistent

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Zachary Wang posted 09-12-2023 09:38

Hello, I’m migrating from Extra X-treme to Rocket Terminal. I am having an issue with mapping custom send keys. Just about every other input does not register the opening escape character as part of the same send keys series.

For example:

I have mapped alt+q to <Escape>[074q which is a special Q glyph in my application.

If I hit the mapped key four times my result is,


Running cat -v I see that the escape sequence is always sent in the correct order,


However in the application where I use the Q glyph it appears to not always recognize it as one coherent sequence.

I am set as VT420 to connect to an AIX box.

Are the any parameters I can check to resolve my issue?


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ROCKETEER Zhi Li Best Answer

Hello Zachary,

"Send Keys" action sends out as many as possible characters in the internal queue, but while each character is added to the queue one by one,  the queue is processed meanwhile. In other words, this way using "Send Keys" action doesn't ensure the entire sequence is sent one time. To do this as a coherent sequence, you may go to Option Dialog, Keyboard, Escape Sequences tab, to override the sequence of some VT function in Option dialog, for example, Alt-F1,

Then, map some keystrokes saying alt+q above to this function in keyboard mapping.

Hope this helps.