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 WaitReady seems to timeout and cause execution of script to go really slow

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Josh Grant posted 01-04-2024 19:52


I am using BlueZone v8.1.1 and I have written a Python script to automate an audit workflow.

I am using the WaitReady function after sending an attention identifier key and this approach works for the most part. But all of a sudden, the execution will grind to a halt after a while. I've noticed the execution of the script is getting held up on the WaitReady or WaitForReady command, even though there is nothing waiting on the terminal (the status is 'Ready'). This causes the execution of WaitReady to take up to 30 seconds to execute. This then causes every subsequent use of WaitReady or WaitForReady to also take that long despite the terminal status being 'Ready'.

UPDATE: I'm starting to see this issue with SendKeys function now as well.. 

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated!!