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 Why does ALDON require Exclusive LOCK on files in a join view when promoting

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robert damery posted 11-15-2023 10:40

We are running version Rel 08.2B and I have a view that joins some 24/7 used tables to some new extended information tables and the view is used to populate a dashboard UI.

There is no data being held, its a view and its a join view which is rarely used for any kind of file updates (except if you use instead of triggers which I am NOT).

I can manually create this view using an SQL CLIENT ODBC connection without issue, but for some reason when I use ALDON to promote these types of views it always hangs up for some exclusive lock issue with at least 1 of the tables in the join.

I don't understand why this is?

Is it the way we have ALDON set up, can we fix this with a configuration setting?

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your enquiry.

As you correctly stated, old versions of LMi, such as LMi 8.2B, used to require an exclusive lock on the Requisite PF or Table when a Dependent object such as LF is being installed.

I confirm that this requirement has been resolved in later versions.

LMi has been rebranded RDOi. The current version RDOi 10.2 offers the possibility to keep the above behaviour as is, or to allow the Dependent Object (LF) to be replaced even when the Requisite Object (PF) is locked by another application. This is facilitated by the Deployment Profile parameter “Install LF when requisite PF is locked”.

Copy File While Active (CFWA).

In addition, for customers with very small Deployment window, RDOi 10.2 offers the ability to "Copy File While Active" (CFWA). This feature allows the Deploy Install of a Requisite Object (PF or Table) having a large amount of data to be replaced in a very short duration. Thus minimal downtime impact on 24/7 Applications.

Please upgrade to RDOi 10.2 (or to RDOi 10.3 soon to be published)  at your earliest convenience.

Further information on "Copy File While Active" (CFWA) is found here which also contains "Workflow", "Setup" and "Limitations".

I hope that you find this information useful.