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Going Offline? Use a Commuter License

By Jan Cees Boogaard posted 09-13-2021 05:14


You may find yourself having to work offline while using your Rocket® Uniface IDE, application, or other licensed Rocket® Uniface products or features. If you are using a Network license, you require a network connection to the RMS License Manager to do so. If you cannot connect to the RMS License Manager, for example, if you're traveling or working from home, you can check out a commuter license and continue working as normal.

What is Commuting?

Commuting is similar to borrowing under DLM. A Sentinel commuter license allows you to temporarily use a license on a machine or application that is not connected to the network. This is used for network licenses provided by the Introduction to the Sentinel RMS License Manager.

How Does Commuting Work?

There are two types of commuting:

  1. Local
  2. Remote

Scenario #1 (Local Commuting):

You know that you will be working from somewhere without internet access. Before leaving the office, you check out all the features you need with a commuter license for the amount of time you expect to be offline. You can then work offline until your commuter license expires. If you return sooner, you can check in the features to the RMS License Manager so that they are available to others who may need to commute.

Scenario #2 (Remote Commuting):

You have lost access to your VPN, and can’t go back to the office. You contact a colleague in the office to help you check out the necessary features you need. In other words, you are going to commute a license with the help of a connected user. To do so, you send your locking code (identifying your machine) to your colleague who is connected to the RMS License Manager. Your colleague uses the locking code to generate the authorization and sends it back. You install the commuter license and use the product offline.

Note: With remote commuting, you cannot check features back in—they must expire.

What Do You Need for Commuting?

The following tools are provided for checking out a license:

  • WCommute (Windows GUI utility) or lcommute (command-line utility), both located in \common\bin of your Uniface installation
  • WRCommute (Windows GUI utility) or rcommute (command-line utility), both located in \common\bin of your Uniface installation, and in the RMS License Manager installation package

If you are connected directly to the RMS License Manager, use WCommute or lcommute. If you're a remote user generating a locking code, use WRCommute or rcommute. 

On Windows, you can also use the WlmAdmin utility (located in \common\bin) to get an overview of all available licenses before checking out a commuter license.

For detailed steps on how to use these tools to check out a commuter license, see Directly Obtaining Commuter Licenses and Remotely Obtaining Commuter Licenses.

How Long Can I Use a Commuter License?

The maximum time for which a commuter license is valid is determined by the terms of your Entitlement. You can chat with your account representative to discuss your commuting needs.

If you check out a feature for one day, it is not bound by 24 hours, but will instead expire the next day at 23:59:59. Once the commuter license expires, it can no longer be used. You will need to reconnect to the RMS License Manager or check out a new commuter license.

A commuter license is bound to the terms of your main license. If your Uniface license expires, your commuter license can no longer be used. 

For more information about Sentinel licensing and the Rocket® Uniface Enterprise Edition 10.4.01 upgrade, visit our .