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Introduction to the Sentinel RMS License Manager

By Jan Cees Boogaard posted 09-13-2021 05:34


Uniface is moving from DLM to Sentinel by Thales for its license management. Since the initial release, users of the Community Edition have been using Sentinel, and starting from 10.4 and 10.3.03 it will also be the default for the Enterprise Edition. In this blog, we will have a look at the Sentinel RMS (Rights Management System) License Manager, which is the counterpart of the DLM License Server.

Currently, Uniface Enterprise customers use DLM for license management, and many of you are using the DLM Server (or even multiple servers) to host your application license features. The Sentinel RMS License Manager is the Sentinel equivalent of the DLM Server and can be used in a similar way, offering you comparable and additional functionality.

What are the benefits of the RMS?

The RMS License Manager offers an enhanced implementation of features that you are already familiar with in DLM. For example:

  • Obtain commuter licenses (similar to DLM license borrowing) for a fixed amount of time, which allows you to work offline or from home without experiencing any licensing failures.
  • Configure redundant license servers for fail-over ensuring your licensing system is always online, even if one or more license servers fail. With Sentinel, you can set up to 11 RMS License Managers, which is especially useful for systems that are built on unstable networks, or systems that have to be online 24/7.

After the initial setup, the license manager can automatically refresh and update available license features, provided there is internet access.

In addition, the RMS License Manager comes with a suite of nifty tools that allow you to dynamically add or remove license features, locate all active License Managers in your network, generate machine fingerprints, borrow an offline license for you or a third party that has lost access to the RMS server, and a lot more!

How do I install the RMS?

The RMS License Manager is already available for download from the Uniface Downloads website. You can install it either locally or on a central server with a supported operating system. Currently, we provide Windows and Linux installation scripts to help you set up your RMS Server on these platforms.

You can install the RMS License Manager on the same server machine(s) you are using for DLM when applicable. You can retain the DNS name so that your Uniface applications can find them after a minor change to the application's assignment file. This keeps the Uniface License Administration centralized.




01-23-2023 04:56

Hi Gianni,

DLM License => Sentinel License
Trial License => Trial License
Node-Locked License => Node-locked License (could be cloud served)
Concurrent License => Concurrent license (could be cloud served)
Borrowed License => Commuter license (this is a feature inside license Entitlement).
Emergency license => Emergency license
Grace period => Grace Period.

gr. Nico

10-03-2021 11:45

Hi community,

I've NOT found a direct reference so I've tried to map original DLM license types to the new Sentinel ones; I've come up with the following table:

DLM License => Sentinel License
Trial license => Trial license
Node-locked license => Repository license
Concurrent license => Capacity license
Borrowed license => Commuter license
Emergency license => Grace license
Grace period => Grace license

Is this right?
Any further comment for a better understanding?