Updates planned for the Uniface 10.4 repository

By Jan Cees Boogaard posted 06-01-2021 10:59


Created by Jonke Korzelius, April 26, 2021

In the upcoming new release of Uniface 10.4.01, we are making a technical upgrade to our IDE repository to prepare for future enhancements. In an Plan your repository migration to Uniface 10.4, we explained that you have to plan for a migration. In this blog, we take a deeper dive into the changes we are making and how they will affect you.

A new minor version for Uniface allows us to make changes in the fixed length sections of the repositories' entities. Although we can make changes in the variable length sections of repository entities in a patch release, changes to the fixed length sections can only be made in major and minor versions of Uniface.

So what are these changes?

We are extending the field sizes for Description (UDESCR) and Alternative Name (UALT_NAME) properties to make it easier to search and find development objects and templates more easily. The Smart Suggestions feature searches these fields to look for matching objects, so being able to provide an informative name or description increases the likelihood of success. For example, when you start typing in the U-Bar, Uniface searches the Name and Description fields. The same applies to the Alternative Name property, which can help you identify a Template or Palette object in the Resource Browsers. Note that you can enter formatting characters in the Alternative Name.

We are reintroducing the Date Modified (UTIMESTAMP) field for sub-objects and adding a Purpose (UPURPOSE) field so that _in the future_, we can handle sub-objects similar to main development objects. We have learned that the granularity of our concept to only record changes and export main development objects is not flexible enough, especially for objects in libraries. For example, if you want to edit and export a Global ProcScript, you currently have to export the whole library. _*Note* This first release of 10.4 does not yet make use of these changes, it just makes enhancement possible!_

To support another future enhancement, we are adding new field Keywords (UKEYWORDS) in every entity, which can later be used to filter objects in the Resource Browser or for searching.

So now you know more, not only about the IDE Repository changes, but some of our planned enhancements for future versions of Uniface.