Plan your repository migration to Uniface 10.4

By Jan Cees Boogaard posted 06-01-2021 10:51


Created by Jonke Korzelius,  June 1, 2021

A minor version update for Uniface, what does that mean for you? There is an upcoming new release of Uniface 10.4.01.

In this blog we will look at what this means for migrating your Development Environment's (IDE) Repository. Upgrading to a minor version gives the Uniface Lab the opportunity to change the physical table definitions. We changed some fixed-length fields of the Repository's entity definitions to support future enhancements to the IDE.

To take advantage of these future IDE enhancements, you have to recreate your database table definitions. To do so, just export your existing Repository data and then import it into 10.4.01.  Tables are automatically recreated using the new entity descriptors when you import. This is a technical migration to your Repository database; we are not re-mapping, splitting, or merging fields in any way. Application data can be used as-is in 10.4.

Uniface 10.4.01 will not start if it detects you are using an older repository version, you need to prepare your upgrade to 10.4.01 by first exporting all Repository definitions to an XML file.

For example, to prepare to migrate from Uniface 10.3 to 10.4:

  1. In the Uniface 10.3 IDE, click the Main Menu ( ≡ ) and choose Export to open the Export tool.
  2. Select all options, choose the file name, and click Export.

To import the file, use the Uniface 10.4 IDE or the command line:

  • In the Uniface 10.4 IDE, choose Main Menu ( ≡ ) > Import XML, select the XML file, and press Import.
  • For the command line, start the IDE with the /imp switch and specify the file name.

The migration is automatically handled so you don't have to worry about it.

Alternatively, you can use any source control system, like Git, commit your work and import from your Git work area into a freshly installed Uniface 10.4 IDE. To speed up the import, when using, for example, a source control system, it is advised to rebase your sources on Uniface 10.4.01. Otherwise, source migration happens every time you perform an import. 

The Repository migration procedure is the same for both the Community and Enterprise Edition. Good to know: you can migrate directly from Uniface 9.7, 10.2, or 10.3 to 10.4, although migrations from pre-10.3.02 Uniface versions entail a little more as they might affect your source data. There is no need for intermediate migrations. This is to help you develop your application in the best possible way!

You can find more information in the Migration Guide, which will be updated with the release of Uniface 10.4.01.