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  • 1.  Recording: Rocket Uniface Virtual User Group Webinar June 14

    Posted 06-16-2022 15:43
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    Hi all,

    Below you will find the recording of the Rocket Uniface Virtual User Group Webinar broadcasted on June 14.

    We are excited to connect with you to show inspiring new Rocket® Uniface developments and update you on Uniface modernization.

    Watch the video to learn more on:

    • Rocket Uniface Modernization
    • Rocket Uniface roadmap and the new 10.4.02 release
    • Creating error free code with Uniface Exception
    • Reducing cost and complexity with Rocket Uniface in Docker

    This two hour session updates you on everything you need to know on the Rocket® Uniface application development platform.


    Kind regards,

    Erik Hoeboer
    Rocket Internal - All Brands
    Denver CO US

  • 2.  RE: Recording: Rocket Uniface Virtual User Group Webinar June 14

    Posted 06-16-2022 17:38
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    Eugene Klaus
    Proven Unix Linux Systems Engineer | Be kind to those you pass on the way
    up, remember you will meet them on the way down. / (810) 444-9029 Cell

    On 6/16/22, Erik Hoeboer via Rocket Forum