Eugene Klaus

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United States


Years of Exp Rating (1 to 10) UNIX 30 8 SOLARIS 25 5 LINUX 20 7 KERNEL 30 5 Functionality 30 7 Programming Summary of Qualifications: An accomplished and business savvy professional with robust experience acquired. Possess verifiable leadership, communication skills that cross lines of business. Experience in application development and staging, delivery. Installation, configuring, maintaining databases, and supporting servers. Develop relationships with co-workers, management, and Owners. Network testing to verify connectivity and accuracy of Domains, and IP addresses. Document applications and systems using MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel. Three years CPA Level IRS Individual 1040 tax report. Billing System for ER Physicians Blue Cross and Medicare reporting. Twelve Years Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Payroll, Order Entry, General Ledger, State, and Federal Fuel Tax reporting Pick Basic 12 years. Specialized IBM training Business Continuity and Secure Backup 2 years Five years NC programming Multi-Axis Drilling, Boring, Milling, and Grinding