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iCluster replication group *HADR

  • 1.  iCluster replication group *HADR

    Posted 04-28-2021 21:44

    I came across this in the icluster user manual and wonder if it is a exact replacement for the ICLSTAPY tool.
    Have anyone implement *HADR replication group or came across any rocket technote for *HADR replication group ? 
    Ps:i  dun see this featured on the rocket icluster blog.

    ZQ L

  • 2.  RE: iCluster replication group *HADR

    Posted 04-30-2021 15:30
    Hi ZQ L,

    Thank you for the question and suggestion of a new blog entry. 

    The old tool for ICLASTAPY function is not required any longer because that function is included in iCluster commands and functions without the need for the additional tool.

    An *HADR replication group type is available for three node configurations.  A single replication group definition along with all the selections for replication are orchestrated to two targets.  When defining the group parameters you will see node definition for the PRIMARY, HA backup and DR backup node entries. Customers find that this group configuration type can reduce complexity when switching between the PRIMARY and HA instance and continuing replication to the DR instance.

    In the online help for *HADR group definition within the DMADDGRP function you will find the following assistance:

    Specifies a replication group intended for both high
    availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR). An *HADR
    group has one primary node and two backup nodes - one
    for high availability and one for disaster recovery.
    When a roleswitch is done with an *HADR group, the HA 
    backup node becomes the new primary node and the
    previous primary node becomes the new HA backup node.
    The role of the DR backup node is not changed.
    Replication in an *HADR group is from the primary node
    to both of the backup nodes.

    Thanks for the question and keep them coming!

    Mark Watts
    Rocket Software