Mark Watts

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United States


I'm from Texas and my wife and I live on a 42 acre mini ranch with 8 horses.  The difference in a ranch and a farm for us is we don't raise anything today for us to consume, just for the horses and passing through deer and other wildlife.  There is a creek that crosses the back pasture that some day will supply water to a pond so there is some permanence to the level of water available.

I really enjoy technology and the work from home paradigm gave us the opportunity to support this lifestyle while helping others with computer systems for medium and large enterprises.  

I have SME technical expertise on the IBM Power platform running IBM i and Rocket's High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution, Rocket iCluster.  Other complementing solutions from Rocket are Rocket Aldon for Life Cycle Management (DevOps), Rocket TE terminal emulation for Enterprise System access, Rocket Servergraph for Enterprise System monitoring status and management and Rocket Modern Experience (formerly LegaSuite) for improving workflow, web enablement and bringing IBM i applications into the Enterprise Suite of application that run from the desktop and/or from the enterprise web or cloud with a modern interface, leaving the standard interface way behind when the modern web tools are applied to the application interaction.