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Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools empowers you to develop according to your preferred formats including Git, R and Python.

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  • Thanks for letting us know Lionel.Did you need to specify exec to get it to work with bpxwunix() ? Can you also post your resolution to the IBMMAIN thread for the archives? Thanks ------------------------------ David Crayford Senior Software ...

  • Hi Badal, Thanks for the update. I figured your name sounded familiar. Glad we can help. If you need anything else, please reach out. Dale ------------------------------ Dale Voon Rocket Software ------------------------------

  • For future reference, here's a short explanation of how those two lines in httpd.conf work. 1. Action application/x-httpd-php "/php/bin/php-cgi" This tells Apache to process x-httpd-php MIME type with the CGI script "/php/bin/php-cgi". More details ...

  • For anyone who's interested in viewing the recording of that Zowe Desktop tour, check it out here (!) : If you're interested in any of the topics discussed here, feel free to go to or find us on Slack: ...

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  • Hi, Morten! It is worse to mention that we don't support archives. Instead we use miniconda for installing packages and perl is one of them that can be installed that way. Have you found a solution? ------------------------------ Mikhail Mikhail Rocket ...

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    RE: Conda

    Hi Dave, >Is there an alternative way to get the new version of curl without using conda? No. All rocket ported tools support only conda installation (except for conda itself via the z/OS Miniconda installer). There was a transition period for six ...

  • Hi Peter, Thanks a lot for your confirmation. All the best, Manfred ------------------------------ Manfred Lotz IBM ------------------------------


  • z/OS sudo-1.8.21p2-7 resolves CVE-2021-3156

    A new release of sudo (sudo-1.8.21p2-7) is now available for download and install via conda from Rocket's secure conda channel server.

    This release contains the patch to resolve the security vulnerability CVE-2021-3156.
  • Introducing z/OS conda for download and deployment of z/OS open source products

    Rocket has moved to a new system – conda – for downloading, installing, and upgrading all z/OS open source ports developed by Rocket.  With conda, a single command can replace dozens of steps and commands previously required to install some open source products.  For example, installing z/OS Git with its dependencies formerly required over thirty steps but now can be accomplished with a single conda command.

    Conda is an open source tool ideally suited for delivery and deployment of software on the mainframe due to its channel concept and multiple types of channels supporting varying degrees of security including file channels for air-gapped systems. Rocket has set up two internet channels from which you can download z/OS open source ports using conda – one public and open to all, the other a secure channel server on premise at Rocket available only to Rocket customers on a support plan.

    z/OS Miniconda is a free bundle of open source containing everything you need to run conda on z/OS. To get started using conda you need to install z/OS Miniconda on your z/OS system.

    To download z/OS Miniconda, complete the following steps:

    1. Sign in to the Rocket Community Portal.
    2. Click Downloads from the navigation menu. A list of available Rocket products for your account appears.
    3. Select z/OpenSource.
    4. Type 'Miniconda' in the search box to filter the list of available downloads.
    5. Click the filtered ID A dialog window appears with the files that are required for setup.
    6. Click each file to download them to your system.
    7. Using a FTP or SFTP client transfer the setup files to z/OS:
      1. miniconda-py37-zos-<yyyy-mm-dd>.run
      2. appdev_bundle_X.Y.txt

    Full documentation on z/OS Miniconda is contained within zOS_Miniconda_Documentation_<date>.pdf.

    Learn more about conda here.

    Note, Rocket is decommissioning the old download and install system for all open source products except for z/OS Miniconda itself.