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Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools empowers you to develop according to your preferred formats including Git, R and Python.

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  • Hi there, Is there anything planned to deliver openssl with AMODE=64? Thanks, Manfred ------------------------------ Manfred Lotz IBM ------------------------------

  • Hi Gary, you're welcome! Cris ------------------------------ Cristiano Guadagnino Creval ------------------------------

  • Hi Vlad.Ein, I am using 2.7.13 version. If you have some documentation for this, please let me know Thank you Chetan

  • Hi Denis, Git uses the iconv library to convert files. And this issue is a result of iconv conversion: echo “EFBBBF”| xxd -r -p | iconv -f utf-8 -t ibm-1147 > f_1147 od -h f_1147 You can see that f_1147 file has the x3F character. Iconv replaces ...

  • Hi Vladimir, Thanks for your response. As you mentioned below, I tried to do a ‘oping ’ and got the same unresolved host message. Then I understand that our Mainframe doesn’t have internet connection and we can’t clone from ...

  • I don’t know why this happens, but I did hack up a fix. The key is that where Python (and us programmers) expect/provide a \n , z/OS is actually providing/expecting a \x85 , which is rendered as □. Observe the following Python, which creates working ...

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    RE: R and Python 2.7

    Aah, ok. Good to know that the R version in Miniconda is newer. So, I will ignore R 3.3.2.

  • Is error.log empty? Can you run command “env | sort” and share the output with us? Which git version do you use? UPD. How big are the files in the repository?

  • Does any one has a document on Python use-cases on z/OS ? thank you ------------------------------ Daniel Raisch Rocket Software ------------------------------

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    RE: Git next release?

    Yes it is still on target for Q3 ------------------------------ Peter Fandel Rocket Software ------------------------------

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