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Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools empowers you to develop according to your preferred formats including Git, R and Python.

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  • Hi there, I have a file X which is untagged. Now running a Perl script like follows #! /bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; use 5.010; my $f = 'X'; -T $f && say "$f"; and the file is tagged as IBM-1047 . I think the Perl ...

  • Thanks for the question and answer Frank! Hopefully someone can benefit from both. ------------------------------ Dave Andrews Head of Customer Engagement Rocket Software ------------------------------

  • Stub ------------------------------ System ------------------------------

  • Hi Vladimir We are integrating Curl to copy Jenkins Agent in our setup for a pipeline with IBM DBB. As we understand we can setup CA certificate store on USS file system. Normally we use RACF keyrings We understand that linking to RACF is not possible ...

  • Glad that did the trick Josema. Reach out if we can help with any other issues or questions. ------------------------------ Dave Andrews Head of Customer Engagement Rocket Software ------------------------------

  • Hi Andrew, here is what I have in /u/user/miniconda/envs/php: ls /u/user/.conda/envs/php bin conda-meta include lib php share ls /u/user/.conda/envs/php/bin php php-cgi php-config phpdbg phpize ... As for " Action application/x-httpd-php "/php/bin/php-cgi"": ...

  • Hi Clive, Just a note, if you install additional packages to base environment, they will be removed when you update Miniconda and you will have to re-install them again. ------------------------------ Tatiana Balaburkina Rocket Software ------------ ...

  • Hi Daniel, Since it's your client I'll reach out directly to you on this. In the future you can encourage anyone interested in learning about the value and unique benefits of our support program to complete this form and we'll make sure their ...

  • Thanks for the reply, Sergey. I've added the aliases in as a successful workaround. Andrew ------------------------------ Andrew Arentsen Acuity Insurance ------------------------------

  • Thanks Alexander. I'm not too Unix savvy so I never would have figured this out. For what its worth, I also got this working with a "form" upload. Note, I also decided to use $() instead of back quotes. //CURLTEST JOB NOTIFY=&SYSUID //UNIX EXEC PGM=BPXBATCH ...


  • Introducing z/OS conda for download and deployment of z/OS open source products

    Rocket has moved to a new system – conda – for downloading, installing, and upgrading all z/OS open source ports developed by Rocket.  With conda, a single command can replace dozens of steps and commands previously required to install some open source products.  For example, installing z/OS Git with its dependencies formerly required over thirty steps but now can be accomplished with a single conda command.

    Conda is an open source tool ideally suited for delivery and deployment of software on the mainframe due to its channel concept and multiple types of channels supporting varying degrees of security including file channels for air-gapped systems. Rocket has set up two internet channels from which you can download z/OS open source ports using conda – one public and open to all, the other a secure channel server on premise at Rocket available only to Rocket customers on a support plan.

    z/OS Miniconda is a free bundle of open source containing everything you need to run conda on z/OS. To get started using conda you need to install z/OS Miniconda on your z/OS system.

    To download z/OS Miniconda, complete the following steps:

    1. Sign in to the Rocket Community Portal.
    2. Click Downloads from the navigation menu. A list of available Rocket products for your account appears.
    3. Select z/OpenSource.
    4. Type 'Miniconda' in the search box to filter the list of available downloads.
    5. Click the filtered ID A dialog window appears with the files that are required for setup.
    6. Click each file to download them to your system.
    7. Using a FTP or SFTP client transfer the setup files to z/OS:
      1. miniconda-py37-zos-<yyyy-mm-dd>.run
      2. appdev_bundle_X.Y.txt

    Full documentation on z/OS Miniconda is contained within zOS_Miniconda_Documentation_<date>.pdf.

    Learn more about conda here.

    Note, Rocket is decommissioning the old download and install system for all open source products except for z/OS Miniconda itself.