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The Other Products forum is the home for discussion of any Rocket product not supported with its own discussion area. The Rocket Software portfolio is vast, and the Forum will evolve to include new discussion areas based on how many conversations are happening here on any given product or topic. Got a question on any product - post it here!

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Questions from the Community

  • The Catalog Recovery Plus (CR+) product function of MERGECAT is a very powerful, useful tool to have for the day-to-day management of your BCS environment. Customers use the MERGECAT command to move or copy catalog entries from one BCS to another. Some ...

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  • Hi Mark, I work as a Global Alliances Lead, managing the Accenture partnership globally. Please send me an e-mail to vsharma2@rocketsoftware.com and I'll be happy to help. Regards, Vin ------------------------------ Vin Sharma Global Alliances Director ...

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    RE: CorVu Reports

    Hey Mark. Thanks , not yet. We have no CorVu NG yet. I looked it up here ,so I wanted to know more about it before I go further with it. Seems it is the one I'm looking for. Yes please , I need to speak with someone whom I can take this further soon. ...

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  • Need to create different dashboards for the business. Currently doing it manually and it's a very tedious process. ------------------------------ Roland Kayver Core Banking Support Rocket Forum Shared Account ------------------------------

  • Hi Mark, Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for the video, I saw the limits of where segments can be moved. I did try something else, I tried the Transfer Data function. I transferred the segment to a target file. Unfortunately, the target ...

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