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Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools empowers you to develop according to your preferred formats including Git, R and Python.

To learn more, visit the Rocket z/OS Open Source Languages and Tools product page.

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  • Hi Ratnam, I am not sure what you mean by unstaged files that coming are from the server. Could you explain in more detail what you are doing, which commands you run and what that output? ------------------------------ Tatiana Balaburkina Engineering ...

  • Found the solution do a git fetch --all then merge origin/branch-name I was missing the origin/ which seems to be required when a branch is not local, which only happens if one does a checkout for it. ------------------------------ LionelDyck ...

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  • Note, if you use the conda command to download, conda will automatically download dependencies. So if you use conda commands you never need to worry about dependencies. If you want to download the compressed files manually and install manually then ...


  • Rocket Open AppDev for Z v2.0.2 releases

    Hello users of our z/OS open-source ports,

    I am pleased to announce the release of Rocket Open AppDev for Z v2.0.2.  This release includes version currency updates of PHP, gettext, libssh2, nghttp2, and zlib, as well as a long list of security fixes and other fixes for most of our ports.  For customers on support contract, these latest builds are already available via conda and will be available at the end of this week for those using SMP/E. For users not on support, these builds will be made available on our public conda channel server on April 30, 2023.

    Version Currency Updates:

    • PHP v8.1.1=10   This is a major version update (previous version supported on z/OS was v7.0.5)
    • gettext v0.21=0
    • libssh2 v1.10.0=0
    • nghttp2 v1.48.0=0
    • zlib v1.2.12=1

    CVE and other fixes:

     - CVE-2022-22576, CVE-2021-22924, CVE-2021-22945, CVE-2022-27774, CVE-2022-27775, CVE-2022-27776, CVE-2022-27781, CVE-2022-27782, CVE-2022-30115, CVE-2022-32205, CVE-2022-32206, CVE-2022-32207, CVE-2022-32208, CVE-2022-35252, BDSA-2022-0504, BDSA-2022-1120, BDSA-2022-1130, BDSA-2022-1336 fixes
     - Rebuilt with new version of kerberos, libssh2 and nghttp2 (to fix a group of CVEs)
     - CVE-2022-24765, CVE-2022-29187, CVE-2022-39253, CVE-2022-39260 fixes
     - CVE-2022-0778, CVE-2021-4160, CVE-2022-1292, CVE-2022-2068 fixes
     - fix the issue: pkg-config files for OpenSSL are unreadable after installation
     - Add init_attr_stdio fixes a encoding in datasets (fix an issue with perl and datasets when called from BPXBATCH).
     - CVE-2019-14287, CVE-2019-18634, CVE-2021-2323, WS-2021-0493 fixes.
     - Rebuilt with the new version of kerberos (to fix a group of CVEs).
     - Fixed issue with ASCII stdout when called from a batch job.
     - CVE-2019-14287, CVE-2019-18634, CVE-2021-2323, WS-2021-0493 fixes.
     - Fixed issue with ASCII stdout when called from a batch job.
    - CVE-2014-8139, CVE-2014-8140, CVE-2014-8141, CVE-2014-9636, CVE-2014-9913, CVE-2015-7696, CVE-2015-7697, CVE-2016-9844, CVE-2018-1000035, CVE-2018-18384, CVE-2019-13232 fixes
    The following Debian patches are also applied:
    - Update section number in manpages
    - Set maintainer to Debian "Branding patch": UnZip by Debian. Original by Info-ZIP.
    - Handle the PKWare verification bit. Handle the PKWare verification bit of internal attributes.
    - Fix UID/GID handling. Restore uid and gid information when requested.
    - Initialize the symlink flag. When unzipping some large zipfiles with many entries, unzip may sometimes treat regular files as symlinks if a symlink appeared earlier in the zipfile. The problem seems to be that unzip reuses memory without properly reinitializing it.
    - Allow zip format version >=10. Do not crash when 'hostver' value is >= 100.
    - Prevent unsigned overflow on invalid input.
    - Do not ignore extra fields with Unix Timestamps.
    - Fix incorrect parsing of 64-bit value. The makeint64() function parses 64-bit values incorrectly - it ignores the 5th byte. Because of it "unzip -l" and "zipinfo" report an incorrect size.
    - Detect and reject a zip bomb using overlapped entries. This detects an invalid zip file that has at least one entry that overlaps with another entry or with the central directory to the end of the file. A Fifield zip bomb uses overlapped local entries to vastly increase the potential inflation ratio. Such an invalid zip file is rejected.
    - Do not raise a zip bomb alert for a misplaced central directory. There is a zip-like file in the Firefox distribution, omni.ja, which is a zip container with the central directory placed at the start of the file instead of after the local entries as required by the zip standard.
    - Avoid zipgrep errors when no members are present.

     -  CVE-2018-19211, CVE-2021-39537, CVE-2019-17594, CVE-2019-17595 fixes

  • Simplification of z/OpenSource downloads

    The set of download options on Rocket’s support portal have been greatly reduced for simplification.  All 20 individual product folders (e.g. Git, Perl, etc.) which contain source distributions are being replaced by one folder with all the source distributions.

    Also, the folder names have been changed for clarification.  These are the new folder names and what they contain:

    • Rocket Open AppDev for Z (free solution)
      z/OS Miniconda installer for users not on paid support contract.  z/OS ports will be downloaded from our conda channel server at
    • Rocket Open AppDev for Z (Miniconda installer)
      z/OS Miniconda installer for users on paid support contract. z/OS ports will be downloaded from our Rocket-hosted conda channel server.
    • Rocket Open AppDev for Z (local conda channel setup)
      Installer for setting up your own on-premise conda file channel and populating it with the full set of tools and languages in the solution.  This option is only available for users on paid support.
    • Rocket Open AppDev for Z (SMP/E installer)
      SMP/E installer for the full set of tools and languages in the solution.  This option is only available for users on paid support.
    • Source code distributions
      The source code distributions for the full set of tools and languages in the solution.
  • Rocket Open AppDev for Z V2 – Now with IBM z/OS Python, SMP/E option and Bash and Perl updates

    This latest version of OpenApp Dev for Z continues Rocket’s commitment to bringing modern DevOps, IT and application development innovation to IBM Z® without compromising data and security. It also alleviates the challenges of dealing with multiple open source products by including IBM Python within Rocket Open AppDev for Z, fully supported—allowing customers to get all the open source languages and support tools needed for the mainframe from a single vendor and eliminating the frustration stemming from patching together support and code language from different vendors.

    Evolving the solution to further meet the needs of enterprise customers, Rocket Open AppDev for Z now provides:

    • Compatibility between all Rocket z/OS ports and IBM Python, allowing customers to get rid of duplicate z/OS Python installs and standardize on a single Python port
    • The option to install and maintain via SMP/E, a tool designed to manage the installation of software products on z/OS, for the first time, enabling customers to choose between conda, the most popular platform-independent way to deploy and manage packages, and SMP/E, the most popular z/OS deployment technology
    • A z/OS port for the latest version of Bash, so customers can leverage the latest features from the most popular Unix shell for DevOps on z/OS
    • An updated Perl port, adding seamless and transparent ASCII/EBCDIC conversion and allowing customers to run Perl scripts on z/OS in production with full confidence thanks to 24/7 support from Rocket