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Welcome to the Rocket Terminal Emulator forum. Rocket Terminal Emulator 10.1.1 is the latest version of Rocket BlueZone, the de-facto industry standard emulator for IBM i, zSystems and VT-based systems.  

Joins us to exchange insights on driving organizational efficiency and enhancing host system access. Engage with industry peers and Rocketeers from across our organization. Stay informed of the latest trends, product developments and news through discussions, videos, webinars, exclusive forum events and more.

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    Hi. I haven't been able to find documentation of the REST API endpoints and I am interested in exploring the API options during our evaluation of the Web emulator. Would you be able to point me to some documentation? Thanks, Dan Darnell Arkansas Data ...

  • I've found that I've installed X(64) instead of X(86). The script is made for 32 bits ------------------------------ Richard Guimond Team Lead CGI Group Inc Montreal QC CA ------------------------------

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  • Hello Shaun, When some process runs as App-V virtual application, it actually runs in the App-V sandbox, so this process will be isolated with any local process and the underlying operating system. This is the design of App-V. In your case, bzmd.exe ...

  • Thank you very much Mike! That has resolved the issue. ------------------------------ Greg Webb Caterpillar Inc ------------------------------

  • The only example I could dig up is setting the LU name with a method called SNASetParameters and its only used in conjunction with NewSession. set bzhao = CreateObject("BZWhll.WhllObj") bzhao.SNASetParameters "Test" bzhao.Hostname = "hostname" SessName ...


  • Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.2 now available

    The latest release of Rocket Terminal Emulator is now available. For this release, the team focused on integrating the new documentation, user reporting, ... More
  • New release of Rocket TE is available with Rocket MFA (IBM i Edition)

    Rocket Software is excited to announce the launch of Rocket Multi-Factor Authentication (IBM i Edition) v1.1, that also integrates with Rocket Terminal ... More
  • Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.1 now available

    The latest release of Rocket Terminal Emulator is now available. For this release, the team focused on improving the administrative and user experiences, ... More