Rocket Uniface 10.4.01

Simplify your Uniface landscape! Uniface 10.4 is future proof – we have prepared the Uniface repository for coming enhancements. As of this version, you can take control of your licensing using cloud-based Sentinel licensing, giving you increased flexibility, self-service licensing and remote updates.

But wait, there's more:

  • Updated platform support
  • 64-bit development environment
  • Docker support enables microservices
  • Easier patching to update your environments

Uniface 10.4 becomes our active code line and will receive all updates – functionality, security and platforms/database support.

How to make your Uniface application future proof:

  1. Upgrade to Uniface 10.4.01
  2. Migrate your sources
  3. Configure Sentinel licensing when using the Enterprise Edition

Get in touch with your Account Manager to discuss your licensing options and make the move to 10.4 today!

How to download

Enterprise Edition users

To download the latest version of the Enterprise Edition, log in to the Rocket download site with your personal credentials.

There you will find the latest versions available.


I am a Community Edition user

To download the latest version of the community, use the link in your original registration email.

If you no longer have access to the email, or the link is no longer valid, you can re-request your entitlement by registering 


What is the right Sentinel licensing configuration for your Rocket® Uniface application?

We have a new licensing system. Here's what you need to know (click to open):


How to correctly configure Sentinel licensing for your Rocket® Uniface application.

We have a new licensing system. Here's what you need to know (click to open):

How to upgrade to Rocket® Uniface 10.4.01 in just a few steps

Rocket® Uniface 10.4.01 is the latest and greatest version for all users. Every two weeks, new features will be added. This version is available for both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition users.

  • For Enterprise Edition users, you still have the option to update to 10.3.03, although we recommend making the move to 10.4 as soon as possible.
  • The Community Edition will no longer receive patches on version 10.3.

From 10.4.01 you can easily install patches to update Uniface. Just download and run the latest version.  The installer automatically detects your current 10.4 installation and offers the option to update. All your project data and environment configuration is maintained and there is no need to migrate sources going forwards! Although, we advise recompiling your application after installing a patch.

Please be aware

You cannot seamlessly update:

  • from 32-bit to 64-bit
  • from 10.3.03 to 10.4.01
  • from 10.3.02 to 10.3.03 or 10.4.01
  • between Community Edition and Enterprise Edition

In these cases you can easily install the new version of Uniface alongside your current installation, and migrate your sources.

Read below how to get started with Rocket® Uniface 10.4.01!

I am an Enterprise Edition user

When upgrading to Uniface 10.4, there are a number of things to consider up front, but the three most import changes are:

I am a Community Edition user

To get started with Uniface 10.4.01 as a Community Edition user just follow these simple steps.