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From the world’s most recognized brands to start-up companies; Uniface’s low-code application development platform enables organizations to develop and deploy apps faster than ever. Our high productive, technology-independent development paradigm allows developers to focus on implementing the requirements of the business instead of focusing on technology.

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  • Hi Richard, versions are supported for 18 Months after General Availability (GA). ------------------------------ Nico Peereboom Rocket Internal - All Brands Amsterdam CO ...

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  • Hi Roger, It doesn't start when I stop the ide.exe process and the change to the ini-file didn't work either. Also the default IDE that comes with the installation has ...

  • Dear Ivan, assuming you are using DLM licensing system, due to several stability fixes, upgrade to the latest released version is recommended. Please see the Uniface Downloads ...

  • Hi, We are trying to upgrade v10.03.02 to (latest 10.03 version). Which patch/patches do we need to ahieve this? Thank you. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello everybody, with the Informix connector supports now a maximum key length of 511. I would appreciate if the Informix Connector would also support a wider ...

Support News


  • Uniface and the Log4J vulnerability

    Rocket Uniface and the LOG4J security hazard   As soon as we became aware of the LOG4J security risk, we have investigated how it affects the Rocket ... More
  • Rocket Uniface Universe Webinar 2021H2

    Rocket® Uniface Roadmap: Navigating the New Development  Discover how Rocket’s acquisition of Uniface is going to ramp up your low-code app development ... More
  • Rocket Uniface 10.4.01 is here. Future-proof your development

    Simplify your Uniface landscape! Uniface 10.4 is future proof – we have prepared the Uniface repository for coming enhancements. As of this version, you ... More

Community Blogs

  • Uniface is replacing DLM with Sentinel as its licensing tool as of 10.3.03 and 10.4. Sentinel provides more functionality than DLM and will help to reduce license administration and manual overhead for both you, our customers, and for us. So how does ...

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