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From the world’s most recognized brands to start-up companies; Uniface’s low-code application development platform enables organizations to develop and deploy apps faster than ever. Our high productive, technology-independent development paradigm allows developers to focus on implementing the requirements of the business instead of focusing on technology.

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  • Hi Roger, YES to both your doubts/questions. Gianni ------------------------------ Gianni Sandigliano IT ------------------------------

  • I've found a solution which works much better: Add some javascript code to my HTML... document.addEventListener('keydown', function(event) { if (event.ctrlKey ...

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  • Call-In Using the Call-In API The following is the typical sequence of statements to call a specific operation in a Uniface component: #include <uactdef.h> uecreate(...); ...

  • Thank you, Daniel. That answers my question. ------------------------------ Jim Mitchell State of Oregon Salem OR US ------------------------------

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    RE: Centos 9

    CentOS has been replaced by Oracle Linux. Since CentOS has been discontinued and CentOS stream was introduced, which is upstream from RedHat, we have moved away from the platform. ...

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  • Created by Jasper de Keijzer Introduction To improve the security of the LDAP driver on UNIX, we’ve updated the the driver to support network profiles defined in the Uniface ASN file. This means that in the NET_SETTINGS, you can define chapter ...

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