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From the world’s most recognized brands to start-up companies; Uniface’s low-code application development platform enables organizations to develop and deploy apps faster than ever. Our high productive, technology-independent development paradigm allows developers to focus on implementing the requirements of the business instead of focusing on technology.

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  • Thanks, everyone, for the feedback. I am happy to inform you that we have been working on the points raised, and updates should be available in the next patch. Many thanks, ...

  • Hi all, We are migrating Uniface from 10.3 to 10.4. After installing of all the Tomcat Webservice is not Running. After start of the service it is active for a while (maybe ...

  • I hope the file will be attached now. Was moving from patch 049 to 050 really the only change ? Yes. I had created an archive before I did the patching to 050. ...

  • It was a conversion from v7 directly to v10 bypassing any uniface migrate processes. If you can not get your hands on v8 and v9 then it can easily be done if you are ...

  • HI, Can the user used to run the process (uniface.exe or userver.exe) access the Oracle directory (C:\oracle\product\19.0.0\client_64) ? UORA*.* needs to access the oci.dll ...

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    • Sentinel RMS Cloud Services stops working!

      Customers running one of these Platforms (WS2008 and WS2012) will NOT be able to download the License file from our EMS system automatically. The Cloud ... More

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    • by Jonke Korzelius We have enhanced the latest versions of Uniface with the option to have Uniface format your ProcScript. With ProcScript code formatting, you can correct or improve your code indentation to increase readability and understanding. ...

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