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From the world’s most recognized brands to start-up companies; Uniface’s low-code application development platform enables organizations to develop and deploy apps faster than ever. Our high productive, technology-independent development paradigm allows developers to focus on implementing the requirements of the business instead of focusing on technology.

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  • Hi Iain, Thank you very much for providing this information. I did understand the steps mentioned by you. But, as I am new to uniface, so to implement the above steps, ...

  • Thanks for letting us know. It is good to hear that you could resolve this problem in the meantime. ------------------------------ Daniel Iseli Principal Technical Support ...

  • Hi Iain, I think that STARTTLS is somewhat "old fashioned". I know that (e.g.) GMail does not support STARTTLS anymore for some time. You need to use a different authorization, ...

  • Hi Paulo, I have looked up your id and sent it to the registered email address. Kind regards, Mike ------------------------------ Michael Taylor Rocket Internal - All Brands ...

  • hey all, Anybody married Uniface and Telegram yet? Regards, ------------------------------ Knut Dybendahl ------------------------------

Support News


  • Updated: Windows updates July 17 and August 11,2022 causes Uniface Anywhere to fail connections

    The issue applies to the following host operating systems running Uniface Anywhere version 6: Windows Server 2022 Standard/Datacenter Windows ... More
  • Rocket Software and the Uniface Labs are excited to announce the release of Uniface 10.4.02

    During the past few months, we have been working hard to bring further product enhancements and features. We believe that 10.4.02 will boost development ... More
  • Uniface and the Log4J vulnerability

    Rocket Uniface and the LOG4J security hazard   As soon as we became aware of the LOG4J security risk, we have investigated how it affects the Rocket ... More

Community Blogs

  • Uniface version 10.4.02 and higher will be built with VS2022 Overview With the release of Uniface 10.4.02, Uniface is now built with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio compiler (2022). This means that Uniface products can support new technologies ...

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