David Akerman

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I am a versatile IT professional with years of experience and a track record of successful delivery to enterprise organisations.

A lot of my time is currently spent developing and delivering educational content for e-learning, and assisting customers and the Uniface development labs, but my roles and experience have been many and varied , and I have many years of experience using Rocket Uniface and a variety of other technologies.

My IT career started as an Analyst Programmer for an independent software vendor, and progressed to consultancy and professional services, covering everything from Technical and Solution Architecture, Team Leader, and Project Manager. More recently I have fulfilled roles as a Pre-Sales Specialist, Subject Matter Expert,  and Technical Account Manager. 

Specializing in scalable web solutions and complex integrations, I have accrued a wide skill set and extensive real world exposure. I have developed a high level of technical expertise and worked in most industry sectors across the globe. 

Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor sports such as white-water kayaking, snowboarding. and cycling. I also play a number of instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards etc) and write my own music for fun sometimes - mostly alternative rock and electronic if you're curious!).