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Made in the UK, English, Pick Developer since 1978. Started with Reality, then on to Pick, Advanced Pick, R83, C-Itoh, GA, MDIS/McD, R9 something, onto Ultimate, D3, and several times mvBase. Worked globally, but now back in UK.

Worked on Retail, Banking, - long time on Stock-exchange and CREST, Manufacturing, Financials, SOP, CRM, ERP, etc. Often taking metadata from a myriad of other O/S's and combining them all into local Pick flavour for reporting (AI as it in now termed). Worked for a while on a true AI for McD during the shuttle days.

Still Picking my way though life, and enjoying it. Last big gig was taking metadata from 120 countries, city centres, jungles, mountain tops, both polars, deep underwaters, and the space station ISS into a single system for UK, and EU reporting in real time - as it happened our Prime Minister had the data, which he then passed on to EU (for a fee) somewhat later. Good fun.

Last 5 years working as Pick consultant for Indian consultancy. Now, thanks to covid, and their particular way of working, spending time looking for next contract while rebuilding ground floor of my 286 year old house on the Isle of Wight.