Alan Miles

Business and IT Consultant,
Amba Ltd

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Business and IT Consultant,
Amba Ltd
New Zealand

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I started my career in 1970 as an electronics design technician at the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR - a New Zealand government department). I went on to form my own electronics design and manufacturing company in 1976.

After that business was asset-stripped in 1985, I switched to commercial software development, as I had already developed some powerful business management tools for my own business. This get me started with Pick R83 in 1988. By the mid 1990s, I had around 80 companies processing their accounts and managing their businesses using my FMIS / ERP systems.

More recently I have focussed on Business Process - modelling and automation. I have a new software product due for release in February 2021 that will bring affordable business automation to SMBs.