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It is modernization time!

The Multi Value Web Framework or MVWF is a web framework built with PICK BASIC, Rocket MVIS and Javascript. The framework was designed to allow PICK developers to build complete web applications just using the provided web tools and PICK BASIC programming, without needing to have any knowledge of HTML, Javascript or any other language.

MVWF includes web tools to easily build up the web application menu, UI Forms, messages, and to create and manage users and user profiles. It also allows the implementation of  the geographical organization of the company and staff, and the possibility to have multitenant in a single MV database.

Web applications built with MVWF are responsive and progressive, so they can be run and installed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and can be fully internationalized.

The idea behind the MVWF is to help PICK developers to rapidly and smoothly build web applications to modernize green screen systems, and to move from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture exploiting the benefits of Rocket MVIS.