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 Dynamic common arrays

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Tom Marracci posted 06-07-2024 11:33

The documentation states pretty plainly that dimensioned arrays declared as a common variable must be a static size.

Is there a technique or pattern that anyone has discovered to get around this?  I want to resize my common arrays as needed, but I'm at a loss how I can make this work.

Is it possible?

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Not sure about that one. Is this standard common or named common? Either way, I think they need to be static to protect their integrity, ie make sure the right and left hand both know what they're dealing with.

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Merry Player

Hi Tom (and Brian as always),

Is it possible? No. Consider that Dim(ensioned) arrays are compiled into the object. Best not to change that.

Is there ... a pattern? Yes, by rule, I always add 10% extra in each direction when building a DIM array. When I have used up the extra attributes, then it's time to change the code.

(Very rough guide).

The rule is: Everything changes.


Apologies for the 'No', and for the in-hindsight-coments