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 how to create dashboards in Accuterm application?

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PARTNER Jaime Luna posted 02-29-2024 16:44


Does anyone know how to create a dashboard screen in an Accuterm application?  I am just wondering to create html pages and use the html viewer, but I would appreciate if someone could share his experience on this case.


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ROCKETEER Peter Schellenbach

Hi Jaime - 

AccuTerm GUI was not designed to implement dashboards, but as you have discovered, the HTML viewer should allow you to create some dashboard-like functionality. The difficulty here is that the HTML viewer is based on IE, which likely will not support many of the functions found in more modern browsers.

Thanks, Pete

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Enrique Murphy

¡Hola, Jaime!

  I can help you with solutions to create a web dashboard application. We have developed a web framework that we are using to modernize our front end . The framework works on top on Rocket MVIS, and let's you create web applications easily and rapidly. In the browser side, Javascript and Bootstrap are used, so web applications run in every browser and are responsive in any device (desktops, tablets, smart phones).  Authentication is done using OAuth 2.0, supporting Okta, Auth0, Azure and Google. The components of the web application are built using web tools, and all the web form's events are controlled from the MV server, so you don't need to learn javascript, .Net, or any new language, you just use BASIC.

The Google Maps integration allow you to embed Google Maps in the web application forms, and the Google Charts integration will be ready soon. The Google Charts integration will allow you to create MV server controlled Dashboards.

Finally, the framework has also tools to quickly implement RESTful APIs, automating the parsing and building of JSON objects.

Feel free to contact me if you want more information.


 Enrique Murphy