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  • I'm excited to introduce and welcome you to the formal launch of our new Rocket Forum: your virtual headquarters to discover, learn, engage, stay informed, share knowledge, and build relationships with other members and Rocketeers alike. Let's discuss ...

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  • Following on from my message below, I found Hamurabi - HAMURABI.txt is attached. It is worth playing ... it's a strategy game, where you choose how much grain to use to feed people, plant to grow more, and store in case of future famine. ------------------------------ ...

  • The forum is built for you, and designed primarily to help you get the most from your Rocket products. In April we'll introduce a range of experience improvements to help you locate content, get engaged, and connect with other members like you. We are ...

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  • Hi folks, We are trying to create a shared repository/folder for our product's customers, something similar to Eclipse's p2 shared repository. Let's say user A is consuming some specific configurations from a repo. for his/her product installed ...

  • Sure, Martyn! Thanks a lot for that recommendation! This should probably help and get me going. ------------------------------ Ashish Ramtri Software Engineer - 1 Rocket Software ------------------------------

  • I am trying to compute pointwise mutual information PMI RMP training using wikipedia as data source. Given two words, PMI defines the relation between two words. The formula is as below. pmi(word1,word2) = log [probability(number of times both ...

  • Thank you, Dave, for your kind words and for the opportunity to participate. I am very pleased to have been able to provide positive input via the beta program. ------------------------------ Walter Kiess SA Police Super ---------------------------- ...

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  • Join me in welcoming Uniface to the Rocket Software family

    I’m excited to announce that earlier today, we announced that we’ve acquired Uniface, a Netherlands-based company that develops a low-code application development platform also known as Uniface.


    Thousands of customers around the world rely on the Uniface platform to build and run their mission-critical applications and, like Rocket, their customers include some of the world’s biggest companies in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and retail.


    We’ve completed dozens of acquisitions over the past 30 years; in fact, I came to Rocket when my own company was acquired. For me, the most exciting thing about any acquisition is getting to meet new people and work with them as they become Rocketeers. In this instance, we’re welcoming 81 new people to the Rocket family, each with skills and experiences that will help improve the products and services our customers and partners depend on.


    Speaking of customers and partners, I’m equally looking forward to getting to know all of the new companies and individuals we’ll now have the opportunity to work with. We at Rocket have a long history of building application development platforms, and I know that both current Rocket customers and new Uniface customers will benefit from our combined R&D experience and expertise. The possibilities are limitless.


    If you want to learn more about Uniface, I encourage you to check out the Uniface website. And if you’re a Uniface customer or partner and new to Rocket, let me be the first to welcome you. I can’t wait to meet each of you.