Rocket Modern Experience (formerly Rocket LegaSuite)

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Welcome to the Rocket Modern Experience forum, dedicated to helping developers  create modern user interfaces for IBM i and IBM zSystems, without in-house COBOL and RPG expertise. Join the forum, contribute to a discussion, start a conversation, or ask a question.

Use Rocket Modern Experience to quickly and easily develop rich web and mobile user experiences for your host-based applications, increasing user satisfaction and productivity. 

Visit the Rocket Modern Experience product page to learn more.​​​

Latest Discussion Posts

  • Hi Peter, Typically the paste would work for the visible rows on a host connected grid. When having a grid connected to a variable (e.g. when using list collect) you paste to all rows in the grid - the variable will be populated with the contents. When ...

  • Understanding JWALK Project: 1. Project files and what they are, preparation for the conversion. Directories and File types. 2. Import JWALK files to the workbench and How JWALK was previously Deployed 3. Common issues when converting JWALK projects ...

  • Project Artifacts: Project Settings Publish Setting Screen Build Client Type Compiler Preferences Identification ...

  • Demonstrates how to install MX Desktop and use it to create a workspace, add a license, use MX Desktop Perspective, and create a new MX Desktop project #RocketMX # workbenchInstallation #ImportJWalk #pro​jectArtefacts ------------------------------ ...

  • Suppose your organization has an identity provider which allows OIDC with the Authorization Code Flow. Wouldn't it be awesome to use this to automatically log on to your IBM system? All you need to have is Rocket MFA and use Rocket MX Web application ...

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  • Now available | Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation and Rocket Modern Experience 10.2.0

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce that new versions of Rocket Process Insights, Rocket Modern Experience, and Rocket Process Automation (IBM i edition) are ... More
  • Now available | Rocket Process Insights, Modern Experience and Process Automation (IBM i) 10.1.4

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce new versions of Rocket Process Insights, Modern Experience and Process Automation (IBM i) are now available ... More