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Welcome to the Rocket Modern Experience forum, dedicated to helping developers  create modern user interfaces for IBM i and IBM zSystems, without in-house COBOL and RPG expertise. Join the forum, contribute to a discussion, start a conversation, or ask a question.

Use Rocket Modern Experience to quickly and easily develop rich web and mobile user experiences for your host-based applications, increasing user satisfaction and productivity. 

Visit the Rocket Modern Experience product page to learn more.​​​

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  • Hi George, In a GET http request usually the parameters are passed on the URL. Some may be passed through the HTTP(S) headers, for instance authentication is often passed that way. This will work both in a service object or in the HttpRequestSend() ...

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  • Everything Roger said... Our package works the same... my code has some custom functions.. ' GridSelect - Determine if user is Sorting on Header or Submitting selection via OIS Variables. Dim hfn As String Dim hfv, hfl As Integer If (EventNr ...

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  • Wanting to upgrade your version of Tomcat to Tomcat 10? That's fine. What you need to take into account is that Tomcat 10 has upgraded the version of the servlet spec from version 4 to version 5. Since servlet spec 5 uses different class names, this will ...

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  • Sai, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Is this still occurring? I have created a support case for you and you should receive an email shortly with the case details. ------------------------------ Patrick Carroll Manager, Technical ...

  • This Lesson covers how to log in Customer Community Portal and Download Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition) Also latest versions available for Rocket MX GUI Engine for Windows ------------------------------ Dennis Kabelele Rocket Internal ...


  • Going to POWERUp? Join us for a customer dinner

    Please join us for dinner and drinks on Tuesday, April 25, at 7 p.m. in the Private Wine Room at the Corinne Denver.  This is an exclusive invitation for Rocket ... More
  • Now available: Rocket Process Insights, Process Automation and Modern Experience v10.2.1

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce that new versions of Rocket Process Insights, Rocket Process Automation (IBM i edition) and Rocket Modern ... More
  • Now available | Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation and Rocket Modern Experience 10.2.0

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce that new versions of Rocket Process Insights, Rocket Modern Experience, and Rocket Process Automation (IBM i edition) are ... More