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The Rocket® DevOps (formerly Aldon) forum is designed to help IBM® i and DevOps pros do their jobs better, faster, securely and efficiently. The Rocket® DevOps platform enables true end-to-end continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) for multi-code environments that include IBM® i. Explore how to automate everything from the moment a business request comes in until an application is delivered to production, with full audit tracking and compliance reporting. 

Ask a question, share your successes or learn about what's new and what's next, along with your fellow users and Rocketeers from across our organization. 

By leveraging Rocket® DevOps, development and IT teams with multi-platform production environments can meet customers’ expectations for agile and secure processes that allow businesses to excel. For more information about Rocket® DevOps visit the product page.

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  • We've made some strides in the Installation/Upgrade of our newer Rocket DevOps portal (RDOp). From the inclusion of more requisite packages to better message handling, the process has made it much easier to install or upgrade the portal on the IBM i ...

  • When deciding on how/when to upgrade your Rocket DevOps environment to the latest version, please refer to the following resources: Compatibility: You can find the compatibility charts for all our products at Rocket Community > Documents ...

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    Abstract on RDOUSR

    If you are using RDOp, so the RDOUSR is a topic you could not get rid of. Before installing RDO, manually create the RDOUSR user profile, supplying a password that meets your security Requirements is necessary. The RDOUSR user profile, which ...

  • Dear Jay Thanks for your response. I did what you described but found only Release Note and Installation Guide as shown below. What I really want is the kind of Deployment or User Guide that explain all concepts, operations and commands of LMi. ...

  • Hi, I think this information is realted to JIRA Server? How can we integrate it with cloud? ------------------------------ Muhammad Moazzam Hassan Jira Administrator Euronet Worldwide Karachi PK ------------------------------


  • RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT Rocket® DevOps v10.3.x Core for IBM i and Enterprise, portal|test and VS Code

    RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT Rocket® DevOps core for IBM i and Enterprise 10.3, Rocket® DevOps portal 10.3, Rocket® DevOps test 10.3, and Rocket® DevOps extension ... More
  • Latest Rocket DevOps portal and test; latest extension available in VS Code Marketplace!

    RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENTS Rocket® DevOps portal & test 10.2.2 Rocket® DevOps core for IBM i 10.2 (RDOp requires PTF LMi102_03) Rocket® DevOps extension ... More
  • Going to POWERUp? Join us for a customer dinner!

    Please join us for dinner and drinks on Tuesday, April 25, at 7 p.m. in the Private Wine Room at the Corinne Denver.  This is an exclusive invitation for Rocket ... More