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The Rocket® DevOps (formerly Aldon) forum is designed to help IBM® i and DevOps pros do their jobs better, faster, securely and efficiently. The Rocket® DevOps platform enables true end-to-end continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) for multi-code environments that include IBM® i. Explore how to automate everything from the moment a business request comes in until an application is delivered to production, with full audit tracking and compliance reporting. 

Ask a question, share your successes or learn about what's new and what's next, along with your fellow users and Rocketeers from across our organization. 

By leveraging Rocket® DevOps, development and IT teams with multi-platform production environments can meet customers’ expectations for agile and secure processes that allow businesses to excel. For more information about Rocket® DevOps visit the product page.

Latest Discussion Posts

  • When preparing for an LMe (or any Rocket|Aldon product) upgrade, there is a step in the Installation/Upgrade Guide to verify the state of the database prior to running the actual upgrade. This step exposes any potential data issues that might roll ...

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  • We recently heard from one of our Rocket DevOps customers on IBMi. They were seeing well over 5 minutes passing after startup before they were able to log in to RDOp. So they were wondering: Are there any further performance tuning tips or recommendations ...

  • We are interested in automating our use of LMi. We do regular deployments at the QUA level twice a week and PDN level once a week in our organization. What were interested - and some other products allow - is for the developer to put in a scheduled ...

  • I have successfully used LMi to deploy (using my home-grown deployment tools, not LMi Deploy) program objects with visibility enabled. That is, after using option 15 in DVP to set the visibility option, I have promoted them through QUA to PDN, and then ...

  • Jay, thank you for the quick response. You confirmed what I found from trial and error. This does make sense within the Aldon framework. ------------------------------ David Taylor Senior Developer Range Resources Corporation Fort Worth TX US ---- ...


  • Rocket DevOps portal 10.1.3 is now available

    I'm pleased to announce the release of Rocket DevOps portal & test v 10.1.3 Rocket DevOps is the next evolution of Rocket Aldon ALM. Rocket DevOps ... More
  • Rocket DevOps test is now available

    I’m thrilled to announce the first release of a brand-new Rocket product – Rocket DevOps test. Not only is this a new Rocket product, but it’s also a completely ... More
  • Reduce downtime associated with database changes by up to 99% with LMi Convert File While Active.

    With an increase in the number of businesses moving to 24-hour online processing, the growing need to modernize applications, and ever-increasing data ... More