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Latest User Questions

  • Hi, I have a requirement where i want to call the components to work parallelly. I did try to create asynchronous instance for the component and activate it, but getting ...

  • Discussion

    Hello, Our architecture has a loadbalancer that checks Uniface by sending a HTTP 1.0 request on the main page of our application. It was working fine till Uniface 10.3.03/Tomcat ...

  • STRATTLS and TLS Profile.


    Is it possible to use UStartTLSSMTP with a TLS Profile, rather than having to rely on USYS$TLS_PARAMS. It doesn't seem so from the documentation, but I wondered if I was just ...

The Rocket Community is the first place I go when I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. I appreciate that the average Community Member will go out of their way to not just give an answer to a question/problem but also explain WHY they recommend their answer as the correct one.
-- Nic Davidson, Combined Transport

Latest Technical Updates

Patch and Release Information


  • Updated: Windows updates July 17 and August 11,2022 causes Uniface Anywhere to fail connections

    The issue applies to the following host operating systems running Uniface Anywhere version 6: Windows Server 2022 Standard/Datacenter Windows ... More
  • Rocket Software and the Uniface Labs are excited to announce the release of Uniface 10.4.02

    During the past few months, we have been working hard to bring further product enhancements and features. We believe that 10.4.02 will boost development ... More

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Uniface Blogs

  • Uniface version 10.4.02 and higher will be built with VS2022 Overview With the release of Uniface 10.4.02, Uniface is now built with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio compiler (2022). This means that Uniface products can support new technologies ...

  • An Easier Way to Install Patches By Jonke Korzelius With the release of Uniface versions 10.3.03 and 10.4.01, we have introduced a new installation and patching mechanism. In the past, we provided each patch update as an overlay—a zip file that you ...

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