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Discuss the ways you are managing system interruptions, recovering from outages, or scaling for increasing transactional volumes with Rocket iCluster. Share your tips & tricks, stay up to date on the latest announcements and engage with other iCluster users.

Rocket iCluster provides high-availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solutions help ensure uninterrupted operation for your IBM i applications, offering continuous access by monitoring, identifying and self-correcting replication problems.
To learn more about how to limit downtimes and maximize IBM i application and data availability, visit the iCluster home page.

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    Thanks for the quick response. This is a process that occurs once a year, so I've made the changes and will see if it works next year. ------------------------------ John Techmeier Infrastructure Engineer Senior - IBM i Associated Banc-Corp Green Bay ...

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    Hi Duane - not quite sure what you are saying here? Could you add some more detail please? Thanks. ------------------------------ Don Broadbridge Senior CSE Rocket Internal - All Brands Denver CO US ------------------------------

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    I recently received a question regarding IFS replication for some paths that contain millions of IFS objects. What are the selection considerations for large IFS replication groups that may contain millions of IFS objects? Do you use 'journal=*NONE' ...

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    In iCluster main menu, the option 8. Work with the Full Cluster Status Monitor (iCluster command: WRKCSMON) is a very useful feature to help you understand the replication status. On an active node, you can use it to display the Full Cluster Status Monitor ...

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    Hi Mark, This is an excellent DCM link. Thank You, ------------------------------ Charles Charalambous Rocket Forum Shared Account ------------------------------