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Andrew Milne posted 07-02-2024 06:48

Hi Guys,

I've got a weird issue affecting a couple of my users.

The users all use SB Client V6.3.1 and login to the GUI interface, where they have access to SB + menus and have the facility to create their own User Menu, they typically put their "FAVORITES" that appears as a "window" on the left hand side of their main screen, which should look similar to this, dependant on what the user has added to the menu

However this is what the users are seeing

as you can see from the above the TEXT for the menu does not display correctly, at the point of logging on the text and menu structure is momentarily displayed.

A full removal and re-install of SB Client doe not resolve the problem, nor does right clicking the the menu to Change FONT or any of the other items on this menu

Has anyone else seen this problem and if so what is the work-around / fix please ??



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PARTNER Manu Fernandes

Hi Andy


Sbhstate is the local cache of sbc under %appdata%... In the user profile (not deleted when you uninstall/install SBC.

I hope this help. 


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John Jenkins


Not sure of the specifics - please fill in some details. For example:

  • Has this ALWAYS happened - if not then what changed?
  • Does this affect ALL users and/or accounts or only some?
    • Try SBDEMO specifically if you can
  • Does this only happen on LOGTO?
  • When trying a reinstall of SBClient, did you  fully purge all the files from the prior installation? 
  • etc.

I recommend opening a support case on this and an upgrade as a matter of course as 6.3.1 eas released 9 years agi and has been EOLS for almost a year.



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Andrew Milne

Manu Thanks, but I'd already tried that.

John, this is a new phenomenon, I have three users out of over 100 with the problem and its only occurred in the last few days.

it shows at Login, what is weird that the Menu text does appear momentarily

We are still on 6.3.1 as i was advised that is the latest SB Client for our Universe Version 11.3.5, we are running this on Windows 2019 Server, apparently i was told SBC 6.5.2 was not compatible without upgrading Universe and I think it would create an SB Client Licence Issue, also  our ERP system (from K3 written in SB Plus and Basic) has not been tested against anything newer than we are on, so i think we are stuck in a time warp.

is there a new version of SB Client that works with UV 11.3.5 ??

But as this is a new problem, i think something has been changed, I'm guessing Windows update, but have no proof and secondly am worried that it will show up on other users Pc's, its useful feature when working that the users make extensive use off

I'll get one of my team to get me access to virgin PC and see if it works normally on a new install. I'll also check if LOGTO to Demo makes any difference

BTW, all the endpoints are Windows 10 PRO



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Andrew Milne


this is from one of the users PC's that is not working properly, this is what they see if the Logto SBDEMO

So this would suggest it is not a problem with the users profile as they have not created or edited this menu, as soon as you try to use the menu nothing works and if you click refresh this is what happens

just for  comparison purposes from My PC this is what i see if i logto SBDEMO



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John Jenkins


I was going to suggest /CLEAN.SBHSTATE as well but Manu got there first. Always worth a shot...

To try and separate the SBClient instance from the specific user profile:

  • Identify a user who has this problem on a PC
  • Identify a user who does NOT have this problem on a PC
  • Have them swap PCs and login in on each others systems using their own User IDs.

Does the problem track the USER or the PC?

If it tracked the User - does switching the users back leave the one PC that used to work with the issue or does it go away on a different (working) User ID?

If it tracked the PC then check and compare the graphic settings on the display - including scaling, font and size, resolution etc....



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Andrew Milne

Thanks John, great suggestions.

a new SBC install on a virgin PC worked normally, logged in as one of the users who was getting the problem,

I remoted on to her pc and logged into SBC as me, so I was creating a new SBC profile on that PC, and the problem was there immediately, so confirming the problem was PC related and not user related

By chance, I noticed while using the SBC screens  there was an  semi transparent black cube shaped  "icon" that appeared over the text in the SBC screens, its a semi transparent version of this without the text.

Further digging revealed all three users (which had the problem are all Polish)  and were all using the DeepL  translation APP.

I am very pleased to say, removal of the DeepL APP has fixed the problem.

Anyway thanks all for the help, I was very fortunate to spot the interaction between SBC and DeepL

Best regards