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 SBClient - Nationality Setup - Euro Symbol

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PARTNER manu fernandes posted 06-29-2022 06:51
hello folks,

I try to define a euro.CVT configuration usable on CUI and GUI  with sbclient.
We want to store euro symbol on char(158) 0x9e 
working on windows-1252, euro U+20AC is 0x80 char(128)

so, I define a config file euro.CVT like this : 



and I set it in SBclient Nationality Setup 

so, it works correctly on GUI mode but on CUI I receive bad char.
- at basic INPUT I receive char(95)  
- at display the oem2ansi is not done and the display show badchar from codpage/font 'Ç' (0x80) 'hard position into font ... . 

can you share any idea how to setup correctly to use CUI/GUI together with the same config ? 

PS : working on universe, CONVERT_EURO is 0 (off)