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 UODOTNET and net6

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David Byrd posted 07-28-2022 17:23
We are building an Net 6 API using UODOTNET to interface with a UNIDATA.
we are using version of the library dated 9-14-2016

Data is coming back but  the value and attribute marks are using the same value and it seems to be a wide char value 65533 instead of the regular 253, 254.

Code snipit:

debugger output:

Is there a newer version available(UODOTNET)?
Has anybody dealt with this before?

Thanks in advance for any assistence wih this matter.

Dave Just Dave
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ROCKETEER Jonathan Smith

There is a newer version of UODOTNET the file version I have is and Date Stamp of 01-21-2020
We also recommend that you now use U2ToolKit for .NET the latest version being released in 2021.
Also what version of UniData are you connecting to ?

I can't recall seeing this problem or having seen anyone report it.  When I get a free cycle or two I will test internally to see if we see the same problem.

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David Byrd
Thank you for your response Jonathon.
We are using Version 8.1 of Unidata.

Can you provide a source or link for downloading the newer version of UODOTNET?
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ROCKETEER Jonathan Smith

Login to RBC and go to from there you should be able to download the latest version of the U2 Clients which includes the driver. You should also be able to access the Toolkit as well.
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There is one UniObjects for .NET Driver Standard 2.0 (1.0.0) driver is from U2 5.2.1 client. It is better version working on .Net 6 environment. There is another similar version is released at 12/16/2021 for the U2 Toolkit .NET Provider 2.2.3. It supports .NET standard 2.0.